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Decoding The Sexiest Job Of All Time


Nissim Kurle

Founder - Druma Technologies

Instructor @Simplilearn, AI Engineer, Google Certified TensorFlow Developer


Decoding The Sexiest Job Of All Time



About the Webinar

After Harvard University called data science as the "Sexiest job", many people want to switch their career and get into data science.

Some of the common questions faced by aspirants are:

  • But what do data analysts, data scientists, AI/ML engineers do?

  • What is data analytics? 

  • Is data analytics for you? 

  • Do they actually predict future?

  • Can I teach computers?

  • Can I transistion from XYZ industry in data science?

  • I don't know coding, can I still do it?

Online webinar, e-learning

If you are unsure about any or all of these questions, this webinar is for you.

Join Nissim Kurle in our live webinar as he answers all your queries and doubts about all things data science and artificial intelligence. 

Nissim has experience in leading and deploying AI transformations in various business organizations across Asia and the Americas.

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